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Thursday, 31 August 2017 04:01

SuperPro now has a complete performance solution for the BMW E46's lower control arms!

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Following on from the This SuperPro kit comes with LHS and RHS arms with heavy duty M-Spec ball joints, brakcets and bushes.

It is a complete performance chageover kit for the BMW.




The complete arm kit is fitted with SuperPro bushings to positively locate the rear of the arm and eliminate the unwanted flex that comes with the O.E rubber bushing.

The ALOY0046XK Caster increase kit will deliver extra caster to enhance the handling and directional stability of the vehicle.

Now with this Performance Upgrade Kit and the Repair Upgrade Standard Kit, ALOY0046K, SuperPro definitely has the best solution for your BMW!


Available Now - ALOY0046XK!

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BMW E46 M Series Control Arm Release!

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