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This is the last SuperPro Newsletter for 2015.

The Team at 
SuperPro will have a well deserved break over Christmas and New Year to recover from a very productive 2015.

We wish all our customers and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We will be back in 2016 with more steering and suspension solutions....but we can't promise to fix the kids car! 



SuperPro is proud to announce that we have completed another Vehicle:

We had the front Control Arm rear bushes available previously and now we have the rear end all sorted as well. 

The front Control Arm front Bushes are a T-Bar design and not prone to wear.

But we didn't stop there: on top of that we engineered front and rear Sway Bars! 

Upgrading your Vehicle with SuperPro Bushes and Roll Control Sway Bars will give the X-Trail a much more precise steering & handling and a complete new driving experience.


Part No.: RC0071FZ-24, SPF4746-22K, SPF3452K, SPF3453K, SPF3454K, RC0071RZ-20, SPF4747-17K, SPF4392K, SPF4744K, SPF4745K, SPF4748K





Want a Suspension Lift on your new 4WD Ute without the Price Tag?


SuperPro Roll Control Ezy-Lift Kits are the ideal way to lift a standard height Dual or Single Cab 4WD Ute and retain the standard suspension.

Each kit has been thoroughly tested and fitted to ensure the lift for each application is the right amount to maintain a safe working environment for the standard suspension.

Everything that is required has been supplied in each Kit, including comprehensive fitting instructions to ensure the right outcome every time.

Are Space lift kit legal in Australia? Read about the compliance of the SuperPro Ezy Lift kit 


Part No: TRC096LK, TRC141LK, TRC143LK, TRC168LK, TRC185LK



TRC096LK - TOYOTA HILUX 4WD - 02/2005-on



The new Upper Control Arms for the Ford FG Series are the latest addition to the ever expanding SuperPro Roll Control Complete Arm range.

These arms utilise the new Polyelast material in the bushings and are manufactured from a high strength, light weight alloy material and come complete with a heavy duty ball joint.
By using the Polyelast material and eliminating the voiding of the O.E style rubber bushing; these arms have been optimised for longevity, durability and performance, without any unwanted NVH.

These arms are perfectly suited as a standard replacement and are an upgrade from the factory arms, eliminating the undesirable arm movement to maintain better steering geometry in all driving conditions.

In a performance lowered application, these arms offer an alternative to the SuperPro Bushings for those seeking control without further compromising the ride quality that normally is associated with lowered springs and firmer shock absorbers.

TRC1008 - Control Arm Upper Assembly Kit contains:

- Left & Right Control Arms,

- Polyelast Bushings and,

- Ball Joints

Suits all Ford FG Series vehicles:

Ford Falcon FG Sedan - 2008-on

Ford Falcon FG Ute & Cab Chassis - 2008-on





Part No: TRC540, SPF3022K, SPF3022XK, SPF3023K, SPF3024K, SPF3024XK, TRC0020, SPF0398K,SPF0399K 

Brand new parts for a brand new truck!

It is with great excitement to announce that SuperPro have released a new parts package for the new Nissan Navara NP300. This brand new poly package includes additions such as upper control arms, inner bush kits, panhard rods, rear trailing-arm bush kits and more.


Front Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kit

  • Alignment Correction
  • Suggested for any lifted vehicle to correct Camber & Caster
  • Camber & Caster Adjustable Ball Joints & SuperPro Bushings
  • +/- 2 Degrees of Camber Adjustment 
  • 0 to +4 Degrees of Caster Adjustment






With Technical Superiority Through Innovation

A SuperPro Bushing and Greasable Shackles upgrade will leave the rear end of your 4WD handling just about anything you can throw at it!

A customer need a SuperPro Greasable Shackle and Leaf Spring Bushing Kit if:

  • The rubber bushings start to show signs of wear
  • Bigger Wheels and/or Tyres are fitted
  • The vehicle tows a trailer, boat or caravan
  • The vehicles ride height is changed
  • The vehicle carries more loads

Rear leaf Spring bushings and shackles are often overlooked when upgrading the suspension of a 4WD. Leaf spring bushings stabilise the movement of the rear axle, inferior bushes in this area will cause the solid rear axle to move and impart rear end passive steer to the vehicle. It also causes the vehicle to "wander" all over the road and be unstable under heavy braking. This can be especially noticeable carrying a load or towing a boat or caravan.

The OE rubber style bushes are designed to work at standard height with standard tyres and with standard loads.


  • Multiple piece shackles for easy fitment
  • Protected grease nipples to avoid damage
  • Special tubes to allow grease to flow
  • SuperPro bushings
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions supplied
  • Everything required in one kit

New parts are available for many vehicle brands, such as Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota

Click here more vehicle models, and more details!


Part No:TRC2001

SuperPro's eagerly anticipated TRC2001 Complete Engine Mount Kit is available now

Utilising the proprietary POlyelast material; the TRC2001 3-piece mount kit is SuperPro's answer to one of the most requested components from our customer and dealer networks.

Read more!



Part No: SPF4341K, SPF4342K, SPF4346K, SPF4347K


SuperPro are pleased to release the new revised Lower Control Arm Bushings for the Toyota Hilux 4WD (2005+).

Re-designing these bushes have eliminated the installation issues without compromising the operational performance.


AVAILABLE NOW - Click here for part details!



Part No: TRC2000


SuperPro are releasing new engine mounts for the GMH VE and VF models! These mounts will take you further and faster than before.

Built by us for people like you, we hope you enjoy the mounts as much as we had in making them.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR - Click here for part details!