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This month we are transitioning the Nissan Navara and Pathfinder Front Control Arm bushings to our new design.

Incorporating a half shell design with more material, the new design bushes will work better and be easier to install and still have all the adjustability of the previous versions.

Nissan Navara D40 - 2005-2014 

Nissan Navara NP300 4WD Dual Cab - 2015-on 

Nissan Navara NP300 4WD Single & King Cab - 2015-on 

Nissan Pathfinder R51 - 2005-on





 SuperPro Press Tool Kits

Every so often along comes a new tool or gadget that makes you think about the way things are done in your workshop.

The SuperPro Press Tools are one of those tools.

Most old and new suspension bushings are pressed out and in with old bearing shells, sockets or anything you can find.

This creates a safety issue; given that heat treated steel will shatter under stress.




At last there is a high quality, cost effective solution for the ongoing issue of seized camber bolts in a Toyota Hilux 4WD.

SuperPro has released a complete set of front lower control arm camber bolts to solve this very issue, each kit contains one vehicle set.

The originals seize for many reasons and when this happens it makes replacing bushes, ball joints and performing a wheel alignment a nightmare!

Features & Benefits

  • High Quality Steel
  • Fully machined
  • Reduced shank for corrosion resistance
  • Exceeds O.E specifications

A must have product for the shelf for any workshop/wheel aligner that works with these vehicles.





SuperPro now has a comprehensive range of Heavy Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Links available.

Designed to maximise the benefit of Roll Control Adjustable Sway Bars and be used in place of that hard to find O.E link.

With over 20 Part numbers making up the range, adjustment  from 75mm to 365mm and either a 10mm or 12mm Ball stud, there is a Sway Bar Link Kit available for most applications.

Features & Benefits


  • 6060-T5 Alloy Link
  • Large Ball for low friction and long life
  • Spanner provision for on-car adjustment
  • Eliminates sway bar link flex
  • Allows for neutral sway bar positioning
  • Maximises all positions on adjustable Sway Bars
  • Suits lowered or raised vehicles




This time we've made a lot of swedish cars a little bit better:

Some Volvos were enhanced with the release of our Engine steady bushings.     

The voided O.E bushes flog out  and now there is a SuperPro repair upgrade solution.

The Ford rear Swaybar link bush received a facelift this month with a redesign of the lower bushing and a new ?Upper Bushes Only? Kit added to the range.

And sone more New Release for the Suzuki Swift...


 Part No: SPF4489KSPF4490KSPF4802KSPF4802BKSPF4754KSPF4755K 






This month we have re designed our Toyota Prado & FJ Cruiser Front Control Arm Lower Front Bush Kit.

Following on from the re design of the Control Arm Rear Bush Kit, we have made both bushes easier to install and added a camber/ caster adjustable version as well!

We also now have completed the rear of the Nissan R51 Pathfinder with the release of Toe Arm bush.

By making an offset version we have added more adjustability to get the wheel alignment just right.

Some additional new releases for the Mazda RX-8, Honda Jazz & City and Holden Viva.


 Part No: SPF4690KSPF4691KSPF3966KSPF3475-16KSPF4262KSPF4485K







Part No: SPF3870KSPF3871KSPF3875K, SPF4524-__k, SPF4525-__K, SPF4527KSPF4526KSPF4529KSPF4528K






SuperPro has gone ahead and made Greasble Shackle kits for nearly every car you can imagine, inclduing the; Landcruiser, Isuzu, Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Mazda BT-50 and much more!




SuperPro Ezy-Lift 4WD Lift Kits


SuperPro Roll Control Ezy-Lift Kits are a great new product and is the easy way to lift a standard height Dual or Single Cab 4WD Ute and retain the standard suspension.

Each kit has been tested and fitted to ensure the lift for each application is the right amount to maintain a safe working environment for the standard suspension.

So, if you are looking for a little more ground clearance, this is an easy, cost effective way to do it!

These kits come complete with everything that is required, including comprehensive fitting instructions to ensure the right outcome every time.

SuperPro even supplies the hardware to lengthen brake hose and ABS cable mounts where required.

Are Space lift kits legal in Australia? Read about the compliance of the SuperPro Ezy Lift kit 



The new year has just started and the SuperProTeam have already pulled up the sleeves to deliver great suspension solutions:

We can now bring the renowned SuperPro solution for the Golf to the Tiguan & Passat with our new ALOY4343K.

Continuing on with VAG, we have the new TRC4300 rear links that perform massively better than the O.E links and are perfectly suited to the Roll Control Bars allowing for all adjustment positions to be easily utilised.We have now kitted them with our Sway bars for the VAG MQB platform vehicles.

Another highlight is the Pajero Diff mount bush, Polyelast Hybrid strikes again with TRC2750?finally a permanent solution with zero NVH.

One that deserves a mention is alignment correction for the Ranger, SPF3892K. With an extra degree available in the upper arm position, now you can get the camber right on that lifted Ford Ranger!