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Toyota Hilux & Fortuner 2015-on Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Kits & Camber Bolts

New innvoative replacment and offset lower control arm bushing kits for your Hilux 8th Gen and Fortuner 2015-On!


Toyota Prado 150 Series Control Arm Camber Bolt Kit

Replace your O.E lower inner camber bolts with a SuperPro design.  



BMW Series 1 & 3 Alloy Control Arm  & Radius Arm Kit - ALOY0090K

BMW E8, E9 & M3 Performance Alloy Control Arm Kit.

A great repair or upgrade option offering increased performance!



Ford Falcon FG & FGX Control and Radius Arm

Ford Falcon FG & FGX Complete Control and Radius Arms for Easy Repair!



VAG Performance Front Lower Control Arm Kit - ALOY0018K

SuperPro VAG Alloy Performance Control Arm Solutions!


Mazda CX-5 Rear Diff Bushing Upgrade - SPF5108K

SuperPro has Mazda Mx-5 suspension solutions!



New Lower Control Arms to suit Toyota Camry & Aurion

SuperPro are pleased to release a full Front Lower Control Arm Kit for the Toyota Camry,  Aurion 40 and 50 Series vehicles.

By replacing the rear position O.E voided rubber vertical bush with the unique SuperPro bush vastly improves the handling, braking, dynamic wheel alignment and tyre life, making these arm kits the only choice for the repair and repair upgrade for these vehicles.

Made from O.E quality steel,  with a SuperPro Vertical Pivot bushing and the front crossbar bushing maintaining a similar material to O.E to help absorb unwanted noise transfer along the arm and being super easy to fit, why fit anything else!




Holden Differential Mount Inserts


SuperPro has released two new Differential mount inserts for Holden Commodore, Statesman and HSV vehicles from 1994 to 2006. Commodore, Statesman and HSV vehicles from 1994 to 2006. 



Ford Focus 2012-on Suspension Bushes


SuperPro has a complete suspension bushing solution for the Ford Focus 2012-on! 



4x4 Lower Control Arms for Toyota Prado 120 and Lexus GX470


SuperPro has released a set of tough adjustable 4x4 Lower Control Arms for both the Toyota Prado 120 and Lexus GX470. Made out of High carbon Australian steel they are built tougher than the Australian bush. With full camber and cater adjustability SuperPro 4x4 lower control arms give you full control over your 4WDs wheel alignment!