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SuperPro - upgrade its Mk5 Golf - Handling Kit - Review by Performance VW

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Performance VW reviews the Mk5 Golf handling kit upgrade from SuperPro.

In its "Jack of All Trades" article, VW Performace follows the step by step fitting of the new kit in the tuning palace of JabbaSport. 

Performance VW - SuperPro Golf Mk5


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Australian chassis guru SuperPro has just upped the handling ante for Mk5 Golf owners everywhere with its comprehensive upgrade kit that walks the fine line between road refinement and race readiness.

The kit itself boasts a complete set of SuperPro's progressive suspension bushes, adjustable front and rear Roll Control anti-roll bars, adjustable alloy front lower control arms with modified ball-joints, and perhaps most significantly of all, redesigned bush housings. These have been reworked in order to remove one of the OE Golf's weaker links: its voided bushes.

SuperPro Suspension Parts Golf Mk5-Swaybars-control arm-bushesSuperPro handling kit Golf Mk5 chassis bushes swaybars control arm

My Golf already had a capable fast Road setup but the SuperPro handling kit looked to be the best way of taking it to the next level


SuperPro's handling kit comprises a brilliant set of parts that have been developed to work together in perfect harmony


The new alloy control arms differ from their OE equivalents in a number of key design ways, the most significant being that they do away with the need for voided bushes and instead come with a new SuperPro polyurethane bush. Not only do these feature the firm's specially formulated progressive material which boasts extremely impressive resilience to the forces associated with competitive driving, they also have a relocated pivot point, with the bush itself now pierced in a deliberately off-centre position. This seemingly minor alteration actually has a huge affect on handling balance and results in castor settings that are ideally suited to fast road and track work, and which would have been impossible to achieve with the OE bushes. The arms also feature a modified ball-joint, an alteration which serves to increase the range of camber adjustment available and which makes achieving optimised settings far easier to achieve, and an extended pin which allows the angle of the wishbone to be toggled, helping to reduce the car's roll centre.

The polyurethane construction of all SuperPro bushes means that they're impervious to the effects of petrochemicals, sunlight, water and salt. and extremely resistant to both abrasion and heat. SuperPro's uniquely formulated polyurethane bushes have all been extensively tested to ensure their suitability for both road and track, meaning that cars fitted with a SuperPro Handling Kit won't suffer from increased Noise Vibration or Harshness (NVH), something that certainly cannot be said for some of its rivals.

The signature blue found on all SuperPro products serves as both a mark of their quality, and underlines the amount of research that goes into each and every product. Put simply, SuperPro has no need of a motorsport-focussed range denoted by a different colour, as all of its products are equally at home on the road or track.


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