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SuperPro now stocks a range of Fixed 4x4 Upper Control Arms to correct Lifted 4WD's alignment

SuperPro 4x4 fixed upper control arms are an easy to install alignment correct solution. 


✅ Lifetime Warranty

✅ Enhances your 4WD's handling and performance

✅ Designed to solve alignment issues when you lift your 4WD

✅ Approved Nationally - VSB 14 Compliant (ADR compliant)

✅ High quality, form factor welding and assembly

✅ High grade Steel, for increased strength

✅ Engineered, tested, and built to the highest standard

✅  Complete Control Arm Kit





Everyone now knows that 4x4 Upper Control Arms are a ‘must’ to fix alignment issues after your 4x4 has been lifted above standard height. With most people fitting bull bars, winches, larger tyres, and rims to their 4WD along with a lift in their suspension, a product to correct the steering geometry was needed. Over the years, SuperPro has worked hard on establishing a very extensive range of Adjustable Upper Control Arms which are designed to be overtly superior to both OE Arms and the aftermarket competition.

To further improve SuperPro’s Upper Control Arm range, we have developed a more affordable fixed camber and caster correction version! These arms are ideally suited to a “conventional” 50mm lift to offer an easy solution to correct alignment via the OE adjustment mechanism on the lower arms.

We still have the SuperPro Adjustable Upper Control Arms allowing for the perfect alignment setup to suit the diverse range of suspension, wheel and tyre set ups available.

But now there is an easy alternative, providing an increase between +2.5 and +3.5 degrees of caster and up to 1.5 degrees of negative camber these new arms are fit and forget.



SuperPro 4x4 Upper Control Arms are designed, tested and manufacturer to the highest standard, designed to outperform the competition and Original Equipment (OE) parts. The SuperPro business motto is ‘Engineered to Outperform, and they do this by exceeding many design expectation and are also certified as such. To further solidify SuperPro Suspensions statement of 'Engineered to Outperform', they have provided a set of 4x4 adjustable and fixed control arms to a third-party engineering company. The main underlining note being "In line with the provided information from SuperPro, the FUCA complies with the ADR ruling as stated in the NCOP. It is manufactured to meet or exceed the factory item, with built in features & benefits to suit raised suspension.".


What makes these new 4x4 fixed arms unique?

✅ Designed by SuperPro to correct alignment for lifted vehicles on installation, does not require adjustment

✅ Comes as a complete kit of both left and right control arms to ensure the correct geometry correction

✅ High quality design incorporating form factor welding and assembly

✅ Powder coated for increased durability in offroad conditions

✅ Lifetime warranty




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