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SuperPro's ultimate Stinger handling package!

SuperPro's engineering team have developed a performance sway bar solution for the KIA Stinger. Both the front and rear sway bars come with two adjustment points for hard and soft settings, giving you full control over your driving experience. Our KIA Stinger sway bar kits also come complete with SuperPro bushings, mounts, grease and adjustable sway bar links





This package includes, front and rear adjustable Sway Bars and Links. You will see the following improvements when installing a SuperPro sway bar kit to your KIA Stinger

  • Eliminate Sway Bar link flex
  • Allow for neutral sway bar positioning
  • Maximise all positions on the adjustable Sway Bars


 kia stinger sway bar


For sharper steering, better handling and more grip in all driving situation

Your Kia Stinger can easily be enhanced with a SuperPro adjustable sway bar. SuperPro sway bars provide sharper steering and less body roll giving you a better and safer driving experience. Our SuperPro performance sway bar range has been designed to provide track and hobbits cars with better driving characteristics, increasing the vehicles driving performance.


kia stinger front sway bar adjustable link


Fitting larger Sway Bars has two main effects, vehicle balance in terms of understeer and oversteer, and increased roll resistance. Both of these effects provide increased levels of grip for the vehicle.

This SuperPro Roll Control Sway Bar Kit will make the suspension system and tyres perform better, making the car more responsive while delivering increased grip. A SuperPro sway bar is the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make!


kia stinger rear sway bar install



24mm Front and 20mm Rear 2 Point Adjustable Sway Bar and Link Kit 




24mm Front 2 Point Adjustable Sway Bar 




20mm Rear 2 Point Adjustable Sway Bar 




Front Heavy Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Link Kit




Rear Heavy Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Link Kit






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