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Toyota Prado 150 Series Control Arm Camber Bolt Kit

Replace your O.E lower inner camber bolts with a SuperPro design.  



SuperPro now has the complete Camber Bolt solution for the Toyota Prado 150 Series.

Just like the Hilux Camber Bolts TRC0019 and the Prado 120 Series Camber Bolts TRC0037, this kit overcomes the problems associated with the O.E lower inner camber bolts.


The trouble starts when the front lower camber bolts rust into the tubes of the standard camber bolt set up and the tube of the rear bushing.

SuperPros’ one piece front and rear bolts, designed to not corrode, make future wheel alignments trouble free. SuperPro has released the perfect solution, everything that is required for one side, except the angle grinder!



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