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Ford Falcon FG & FGX Control and Radius Arm

Ford Falcon FG & FGX Complete Control and Radius Arms for Easy Repair!



SuperPro is excited to announce the release of the new Ford Falcon FG complete Control and Radius Arm assembly. These two kits are available now for the Ford Falcon FG & FGX 2008 onwards. SuperPro part number TRC1009, which is the Front Lower Control Arm Kit and SuperPro part number TRC1021 which is the Castor/Radius Arm Kit are the new addition to the upgrade solutions available for this vehicle from SuperPro.

TRC1009 and TRC1021 are sold with both the left and right arms and are also fitted with SuperPro bushings and ball joints for the ultimate repair or upgrade solution. The original equipment (OE) or factory arms limited replacement options and failing rubber bushings presented the opportunity for SuperPro to design and develop this upgrade option for Ford Falcon FG owners.



The OE arm comes fitted with standard rubber bushes from factory and once the bushes began to deteriorate it was proven that it was also difficult to replace these bushes in the standard arm. There also wasn’t an option available to replace the ball joint or the entire arm on the market.

SuperPro saw that by eliminating the original rubber bushings that the durability and performance of these arms increased and any unwanted noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) was removed from the vehicle. The innovative DuroBall design by SuperPro has also been incorporated to this design to ensure longevity to the bushings and to remove all unwanted movement in the arm and maintain better steering geometry in all applications once installed.

The new SuperPro arm kit has been designed and manufactured from a high strength, light weight alloy material and have the SuperPro polyurethane bushings and heavy-duty ball joints fitted. This alloy upgrade option has also entered the market as an affordable alternative for a complete replacement arm kit. These arms are a straight standard replacement, meaning there is no need for modification when fitting, and are an upgrade from the original factory arms. 


 TRC1009  TRC1021


The TRC1009 and TRC1021 release completes a full affordable repair or upgrade solution for this vehicle. As SuperPro had previously released TRC1008, which is the Front Upper Arm Kit for the Ford Falcon FG. Providing all Ford Falcon owners, the opportunity for a high performing and durable standard replacement solution for their vehicles!

SuperPro Tip: It is strongly advised that both arms be replaced at the same time to ensure the correct geometry, operation and safety of the vehicle.