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Within the WRX family, the STI has been always been the big sister getting all the attention. So we decided to be a little different and tackle the Subaru WRX as our latest Project Car.

More people can afford the WRX which we consider to be a performance bargain and which is a strong reason why more enthusiasts drive them.  We will be working with ARK Design to get this car going and make it more fun to drive. 

One of the first things we did as is typical on most of our project cars is to work on the suspension first.   Since we are still deciding on what to do for dampers on our project, we decided to start with changing the soft rubber suspension bushings with some polyurethane parts by Superpro.

We also upgraded the swaybars to some Superpro units.  Superpro has a long history as a Australian replacement bushing company. Australia is lightly populated and has many mile of unimproved roads which are very hard on a cars suspension.  Thus Superpro made a name for itself in the market with heavy duty lifetime warranted replacement bushings which just happened to improve performance as well.  Now Superpro is expanding their line up to include adjustable suspension links and swaybars as well!