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superpro hybrid bush


Part No:SPF3232PK, SPF3148PK, KIT210K

SuperPro pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the hybrid bushing for Ford

SuperPro is pleased to announce the release of the most technologically advanced Differential Bushings ever produced. At last, there is a solution that incorporates all the best properties of SuperPro and that of original bushing, the combination of both solves everything, and will do so forever. These are available as either the rear centre bushings (SPF3232PK), front pinion bushings (SPF3148PK), or as a complete kit with both positions (KIT210K). 


Click here for the details of what a year of R & D has produced!



The Ford SuperPro Polyelast Hybrid Differential support bushings are the culmination of a year of research & development followed by rigorous testing that has exceeded all expectations in both durability rig tests and in-car trials. In rig testing, the bushings have been subjected to almost twice the peak loads experienced by these bushing in the vehicle for 200000 cycles and at the conclusion of the test have exhibited no signs of degradation or wear. In the test vehicles the results have proven that these bushings perform better than even the highest requirement of absolute silence!

Developing the right material was only part of the solution; some innovative thinking was required to overcome all the issues.This gave rise to SuperPro Hybrid bushings. This technology uses an advanced rubber in combination with SuperPro Polyurethane.

Polyelast offers a high degree of isolation and the SuperPro Polyurethane acts as a progressive stopper. This provides progressive isolation and protection of the Hybrid Material, resulting in outstanding durability. Finally, insulating the Polyurethane and Hybrid material from the heat transfer was achieved by utilising a lightweight Aluminium sleeve with a composite thermal protection layer was critical in solving the durability issues.


Available for the following FORD models:

  • Falcon BF Sedan (2002-2007)
  • Fairlane BF Sedan (2002-2007)
  • Falcon FG Sedan (2008+)
  • Territory SX - SY (2004-2011)
  • Territory SZ AWD 05 (2011+)
  • Territory SZ RWD 05 (2011+)

Alt  SPF3148PK

Rear Differential Pinion Bracket Mount Kit - SuperPro Hybrid

  • Bushing mounted in subframe
  • Standard & Performance option with Hybrid Technolgy

Alt  SPF3232PK

Rear Differential Centre Rear Support Kit - SuperPro Hybrid

  • Bushing mounted in subframe
  • Standard & Performance option with Hybrid Technolgy

Alt  KIT210K

Rear Differential Support Kit - SuperPro Hybrid 

  • Kit contains SPF3148PK x 1 & SPF3232PK x 1
  • Bushings mounted in subframe
  • Standard & Performance option with Hybrid Technolgy