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SuperPro Droop Stop Bush Kit for

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SuperPro Droop Stop Bush Kit

not to be used with Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Vehicle Application Information:

  • Allows more droop travel for lifted vehicles

Shortened Upper Bump Stop

Our engineering department as well as our lead suspension technicians across the Fulcrum network, have done extensive design and technical analysis of the Triton, Challenger and Pajero Sport platform. They have confirmed that a droop stop is an optional kit, which increases droop and suspension travel, but should be installed at the risk of the vehicle owner when their 4WD is lifted.

Our engineers and lead suspension technicians found that for Mitsubishi 4WD vehicles after 2009 (all except ML Triton), when installing a lift kit plus a droop stop kit, the standard OE control arms (original factory control arms) may contact the shock absorber (observed contact ~86% of the time across multiple vehicle tests).

During testing when a Mitsubishi 4WD has been lifted AND a droop stop kit has been installed, our engineers and lead suspension technicians have seen catastrophic shock failures. Caused due to suspension geometry changes pushing the vehicles OE upper control arm into repeated contact of the shock absorber, which in turn causes shock failure. Specifically when Mitsubishi 4WD vehicles after 2009 are lifted and a droop stop kit is installed, our engineers have recorded a high failure rate of Bilstein and other branded shock absorbers. However, Formula shock absorbers due to their design still make contact with the OE upper control arm but receive much lower damage, decreasing Formula shock failure rate over other brands. As noted this is only the case when a lift kit plus a droop stop kit are installed.

Our engineering department and lead suspension technicians do not recommend the use of the front droop stop kit on lifted Mitsubishi 4WD vehicles after 2009, with OE control arms.

If you would like your lifted Mitsubishi 4WD to have increased droop and travel by adding a droop stop kit, you must install a SuperPro upper control arm to correct this issue. By default the SuperPro upper control arm kit includes the droop stop kit. The SuperPro upper arm control arm kit has been designed specifically to resolve this issue and also correct alignment issues.
  • 1hrs Fitment Time
  • Fitting Position: Front
  • Fitment Difficulty