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SuperPro Extended Heavy Duty Sway Bar Link for
NISSAN PATROL 1997-2016 - Y61 GU Wagon GR_,GU,Y61 95 Diesel 06/97-05/00

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Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit

SuperPro Extended Heavy Duty Sway Bar Link

SuperPro Heavy Duty Extended Thread Sway Bar Links are designed and manufactured to suit lifted Vehicles from 2-8”. 
They are designed to allow you to effectively trim the Sway Bar Link to your desired length to provide adequate tail shaft clearance and Sway Bar alignment.
Manufactured from a Heavy Duty 16mm rod our Heavy Duty Sway Bar Links offer increased strength and stud articulation, providing for less stress on the sway bar links during wheel articulation.
  • Fitting Time [min.]: 30
  • Fitting Difficulty: moderate
  • Fitting Position: Rear
  • Fitting Position: Front