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Roll Control Sway Bar for
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1990-1997 - 80 Series _J8_ 118 Diesel 08/92-12/97

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Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit

Roll Control Sway Bar

SuperPro Roll Control Rear Sway Bar Packages are the perfect addition to a 4WD.
The resistance to the fitment of rear Sway Bars to 4WD vehicles is the flawed concept of the loss of articulation in the suspension.
If the replacement Sway Bars and link package is designed correctly, replacement Sway Bars can be fitted with minimal or no loss of articulation.

Upgrading to Roll Control Sway Bars will:
  • Improve the stability by compensating for the change in centre of gravity of the chassis
  • Neutralise the factory understeer
  • Increase tyre life
  • Control the roll in load carrying and towing applications
  • Improve safety with no loss of comfort or articulation
SuperPro Tip - Fit this product with a SuperPro Roll Control Front Sway Bar to get the complete handling upgrade package
  • Fitment Difficulty
  • Fitting Position: Rear
  • 2hrs Fitment Time