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Adjustable, heavy duty and standard sway bar links for both standard replacment and upgrade.

SuperPro sway bar links are designed to maximise the benefit of our Adjustable Sway Bar Kits and be used in place of that hard to find O.E link.



Our SuperPro heavy duty adjustable sway bar links are designed for easy universal fitment, to improve the handling of your vehicle. To optimise the performance not just of your sway bar, but to work in unison with all your suspension components to give you and your vehicle an accurate driving experience. SuperPro adjustable HD sway bar links have three unique applications. Designed for performance, off road driving and as a repair or upgrade solution our adjustable heavy-duty sway bar links will give your car a more precise drive in all environments. Optimising the link between your sway bar and your suspension chassis.


Adjustable Sway Bar Links


Features & Benefits

  • 6060-T5 Alloy Link
  • Large Ball for low friction and long life
  • Spanner provision for on-car adjustment
  • Eliminates sway bar link flex
  • Allows for neutral sway bar positioning
  • Maximises all positions on adjustable Sway Bars
  • Suits lowered or raised vehicles


We Also Offer Replacmnet Sway Bar Links





Heavy Duty Sway Bar Links