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Workshop tools designed to make suspension work easier in your workshop.

We make suspension installs easy!





Bushing Press Tool Kits

Specialised Tool for Pressing bushings in and out safely & easily. The SuperPro Press Tool Kit provides a safe, effective and easy way to remove old bushes and install SuperPro bushings.


Wheel Stud Tool Kit

Designed for re-installing the wheels on vehicles with wheel bolts. Anyone that has put wheels back on a vehicle like this knows how much of a juggling act this can be.

Our wheel stud tool has both wheel lug thread sizes for these types of vehicles, predominantly Euro.


SuperPro Bushing Grease

When installing any SuperPro polyurethane unit into a vehicle it is important to use SuperPro grease, this ensures a smooth ride and reduced NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness). Our SuperPro bushing grease is designed to work seamlessly with SuperPro's unique polyurthane self lubricating properties, ensuring the unit is constantly provided lubrication as required.