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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 02:59

Universal Parts

SuperPro offers a comprehensive range of universal components for all the extra bits your vehicle may need.

This range includes:

  • Alignment correction parts
  • Engineered bumps stops or jounce bumpers
  • Coil spring spacers
  • Shock absorber bushings
  • Specially formulated SuperPro Slippery Stuff bushing grease
  • Replacement sway bar link pin, mount or complete rod kits.
  • Coil spring spacers and tie rod end grease cups
  • Solid polyurethane bar for custom machining
  • Bushing removal tools
  • Strut braces
  • Sway bar mount brackets & bushings

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Our universal parts will ultimately contribute towards a reduction in NHV. For example, a misaligned vehicle with excessive backward and forward movement would benefit from a variety of universal alignment correction parts to prevent unstable vehicle dynamic and excessive tyre wear. The adaptable design of SuperPro universal parts make them an ideal solution for a general repair and enhancement against OE components. Another example would be the unique articulated lower sway bar link that is designed to work with or replace OE components. universal-products 

When installing any SuperPro polyurethane unit into a vehicle it is important to use SuperPro lubricant. This ensures a smooth ride and a reduction in NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness).

Twelve months of extensive research and development has gone into SuperPros bushing grease. It has been specifically designed to compliment the already outstanding performance of our polyurethane suspension bushings. This environmentally-friendly grease requires sparse application, making it very cost effective to the user. It offers nil-penetration into polyurethane, resulting in zero breakdown of the bushing by providing consistent lubrication and exceptional wear-life.

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