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Monday, 17 December 2012 03:53

SuperPro Sway Bars

For sharper steering, better handling and more grip in all driving situation

Your every day car can easily be enhanced with a SuperPro adjustable sway bar! SuperPro sway bars provide sharper steering and less body roll giving you a better and safer driving experience.




The SuperPro sway bar range includes:

  • Heavy Duty 4x4 Sway Bar Kits
  • Performance Sway Bar Kits
  • Passenger Sway Bar Kits
  • Adjustable Sway Bar Kits
  • Lite Hollow Sway Bar Kits
  • Roll centre correction products
  • Caster, camber, toe alignment kits
  • Anti-lift products

SuperPro sway bar kits add durability, reliability and better performance outcome compared to stock/OEM and other aftermarket solutions. 


Heavy Duty 4x4 Sway Bar Kits

Heavy duty 4WD Sway Bars for increased grip, better handling and a more Heavy duty 4WD Sway Bars for increased grip, better handling and a more precise driving experience on and off road.


SuperPro 4x4 Sway Bars


Performance Sway Bar Kits

The SuperPro performance sway bar range has been designed to provide track and hobbits cars with better driving characteristics, increasing the vehicles driving performance.

SuperPro Performance Sway Bars


Passenger Sway Bar Kits

We have a large range of sway bars, specifically designed for passenger vehicles. Correcting driving geometry and steering issues.


SuperPro Torsional Beam Axle Sway Bars

SuperPro has redefined the way sway bars are fitted to a front wheel drive vehicle with a Torsional Beam rear axle. With the new bracket design, the benefits of a sway bar have never been easier to enjoy!

These vehicles suffer from inherent understeer, SuperPro Roll Control bars neutralise the understeer and enhance the handling and stability of these cars.



  • New Design Bracket than bolts directly to the lower spring seat
  • Sway Bar bolt to the plate with two stage adjustment
  • No D-Bushes, No clamping to the Torsional Beams


Beam Axle with sway bar 


  • Dramatically reduces rear end body roll as there is no original sway bar.
  • Corrects the inherent understeer
  • Will never come loose or rattle

Why use sway bars, stabilizer bars or anti-roll bars?

There are many reasons, however the prime reason a bar is fitted is to maintain maximum tyre contact with the road. Suspension systems are designed to vary the angle of the wheel and contact patch as a vehicle travels along the road. The optimum contact patch is achieved with the wheel in the vertical position. Braking, body roll, body yaw, squat and dive all cause the shift in contact patch.

SuperPros superior manufacturing and technological expertise ensures better car performance and safety when cornering. SuperPro sway bars ensure that the load is distributed evenly over your tyres delivering longer tyre life and a better grip leading to a more comfortable driving experience.

Adjustable sway bars

Adjustable sway bars put you in control of the rigidity of the bars by allowing you to adjust the length of the arms. The adjustable sway bars come 2, 3 or 4 points of adjustment providing numerous stiffness options. These sway bars reduce the need to replace the entire sway bar.

Hollow sway bars


SuperPro has specially designed hollow sway bars which are up to 30% lighter than traditional bars and are made from race spec chromoloy. These progressive roll control bars provide reduced weight and better fuel efficiency.

  • Fully adjustable
  • 30% Lighter lower unsprung weight*
  • Unique progressive design
  • Race-spec chromoly

Why offer an option of tubular sway bars?

For the last decade manufacturers have focussed a great deal on reducing vehicle mass to decrease fuel consumption, which has led to the research into more effective lightweight metals. This has resulted in hollow sway bars, that through careful selection of choice of materials, facilitates progressive performance characteristics for even more sophisticated tuning and suspension setups.

*When compared with OE and aftermarket alternatives

How is a sway bar stiffened?

A sway bar operates in a cross sectional plane offering torsional resistance to twist. Simply making a sway bar thicker makes the torsional resistance greater and therefore the sway bar becomes stiffer. Tubular material works just like a solid bar using material cross section torsional resistance. With a tubular sway bar design, sway bar rate or resistance can be adjusted by changing both the outside diameter and wall thickness.

Vehicles Covered

SuperPro sway bars are available for a massive range of vehicles, both as replacement and upgrade solutions for passenger, 4x4 and performance vehicles. 

The best way to find if we have a sway bar for your car is to use our website product search!

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