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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 02:54

Sway Bar Bushings

SuperPro has the largest range of sway bar D mount, chassis mount and link kits, with key features such as:

  • Service replacement, performance or enhancement.

  • Longer life and better reliability compared with stock and OEM

  • Low compliance link and mount bushings make your sway bar work harder and deliver more grip


superpro Swaybar mount bushes 


What is a sway bar bushing?

A sway bar bushing is used inside the clamp that connects a sway bar, which allows some degree of flexibility in movement while driving, but not so much to cause a bumping noise every time thesway bar moves.

Over time, bushings wear down or break away, which will cause incessant clanking noises whenever the car is moving. Because of their purpose, sway bar bushings are also commonly described as anantivibration mounting or flexible mounting


superpro swaybar kit


Advantages and disadvantages of sway bar bushings

In comparison to solid connections, sway bar bushings offer less NVH transmission, without the need for any lubrication. Despite these apparent advantages, typical rubber or synthetic rubber bushings deteriorate quickly in extreme climate and in the presence of oils under the vehicle. The benefit of flexibility in rubber introduces uncertainty to the camber, caster and toe change of the wheels under heavy load conditions Superpro bushings provide all the benefits of traditional sway bar bushings, while mitigating the negatives through the use of a polyurethane base. The popular replacement sway bar bushing/link kit assemblies by SuperPro add durability, reliability and better performance outcome compared with stock and OEM components.


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