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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 02:37

SuperPro Performance Parts

Is this important for you?

  • You drive a JDM or Euro vehicle and want performance
  • You need superior grip and handling from your suspension parts
  • Great looks and cutting edge technology
  • OE components are just not cutting it

SuperPro performance features

  • OE fitment proprietary materials & OE components make for a flawless fit
  • Extensive testing in stock vehicles and highly tuned vehicles
  • Reduces Engine & Powertrain movement by up to 70%
  • OE levels of NVH dramatically increased performance with no additional noise or vibration
  • The ideal solution for even the highest performing street driven vehicles


To get full performance out of your vehicle, get SuperPro

SuperPros performance enhancement products are specifically tailored to suit a range of vehicles and will help you extract the full potential from your car. SuperPro polyurethane suspension bushings and parts provide better handling, increased fuel efficiency, and extra driver enhancement for your vehicle.


SuperPro trumps OE components

Most O.E parts in performance vehicles are designed to leave the factory to improve the function of everyday driving. This may be acceptable to everyday drivers, but for those looking to use their car as a performance vehicle, standard factory-tuned components will deliver sub-par results.

For example, O.E front lower control arm bushes are usually designed in the factory to be soft for the purpose of improving normal driving comfort. However, when the vehicle is used at a performance level, these standard control arms suffer from excessive movement under braking and acceleration. SuperPro carefully re-engineers these OE components to produce a component superior to that made in the factory.


The end result being a smooth and predictable vehicle on both the road and the track that feels like a well sorted performance car, with the unique benefit from SuperPro that there is no loss of comfort on the street for the daily driver.


Take a look at our online catalogue for the full range of SuperPro performance components


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