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Thursday, 27 June 2013 04:08

Advanced Polymer Composites


Part No:


SuperPro pushes the boundaries of what is possible!

SuperPro is pleased to announce the release of the most technologically advanced Differential Bushings ever produced. The Ford Diff Bush has been a problem part since inception and the associated Ford 'Diff Clunk' an audible issue for Falcon, Fairlane and Territory owners alike, SuperPro has now solved this issue!


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Subaru BRZ no background

Part No: TRC1006

SuperPro Roll Control are proud to be bringing you the latest addition to our sway bar family.

Introducing a support brace kit for the rear Sway bar mount, to compliment the Roll Control Sway Bar range for a few hand- picked vehicle models.

Movement in the Sway Bar Mounting point can reduce the effectiveness of the Sway Bar. This brace is designed to add strength and eliminate any additional movement or fatigue in the O.E mounting point when a larger diameter Sway Bar is installed.

A flat plate design, made from mild steel, securely braces the sway bar mount to the lower control arm pivot point on the chassis, without compromising the clearance crucial to larger diameter performance exhaust systems.

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86 GT Sfx A0 E8H Sonic Blue v01 033

Part No: TRC0011

The hard work by SuperPro Roll Control will be on show through the release of the latest Rear Lower Camber Adjustable Control Arm for these popular performance vehicles. TRC0011


This hi-strength, adjustable Rear Lower Control Arm provides +/- 2.0 degrees of camber change for these popular vehicles. This kit is easy to adjust with a cam located at the outboard end of the arm. Designed for the ultimate in performance and handling, these arms deliver strength, adjustability and more positive arm location with SuperPro Bushings.


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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 03:41

Chrysler 300C (2004-2012)


Chrysler 300C 2004-2012

Part No: SPF3048K, SPF3049K, SPF3050K, SPF3051K, SPF3052K, SPF3053K, SPF3054K, SPF3055K, SPF3057K, SPF3058K, SPF3059K, SPF3060K, SPF3060XK, SPF3064K

SuperPro have designed and released a complete set of high performance polyurethane bushes for the front and rear suspension arms for the Chrysler 300C.

As always, the priority in the design and production of these performance parts is to create a product that delivers significant improvements over the OEM rubber bushings, and these new parts do just that!. Upgrading to SuperPro bushes gives the Chrysler noticeable improvements in handling characteristics, particularly when cornering and braking, with no increased noise or harshness in comparison to their original EVH profile.Chrysler 300C parts

Fitting the Chrysler with SuperPro bushes allows the suspension to be tuned at a more precise and adaptible level, helping to take its handling performance to the next level.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 01:00

Isuzu D-Max & Holden Colorado RG


dmax and colorado

Part No:SPF4031K, SPF4032K, SPF2833K, SPF2670K, SPF2231-4K, SPF4040K, RC0031RZ-20


The latest addition to the SuperPro range of high quality, polyurethane suspension bushings are the front upper and lower control arm bushings, as well as the rear leaf spring bushings for the current model Isuzu D-Max and Holden Colorado.dmax and colorado parts


In addition, a new bolt-on rear Sway Bar has been developed. Upgrading to SuperPro Bushings and adding the Roll Control Sway Bar will result in a noticeable increase in the control and steering response as well as adding cornering stability.

Designed to improve the handling, directional stability and braking performance, without any unwanted NVH. These bushings offer the perfect upgrade for those wanting to enhance the handling characteristics of these vehicles.

The SuperPro Bushings and the Roll Control Sway Bar are particularly well suited for lifted and loaded vehicles, helping to further increase handling performance both on and off-road.

Control Arm Upper-Inner Bushing Kit   SPF4031K
Control Arm Lower-Inner Bushing Kit SPF4032K
Shock Absorber Bushing SPF2833K
Spring Front Eye Bushing SPF2670K
Spring Rear Lower Bushing SPF2231-4K
Spring Rear Upper Bushing SPF4040K
Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit RC0031RZ-20


Friday, 21 February 2014 00:38


VW Racing Cup 2014

The Volkswagen Racing Cup has gained another top-flight sponsor for the coming season, with leading motorsport and road-car suspension component supplier SuperPro signing on to support the championship.

Like the championship’s new title sponsor Milltek Sport, SuperPro has been a key supplier of parts to competitors for several seasons and is looking to raise awareness of its class-leading products through association with the UK’s best-supported one-make race series.

“Being involved with motorsport gives us the background evidence to prove our product is different to, and better than, those of our rivals,” said Richard Fearn, General Manager of SuperPro Europe Ltd, the European distributor of the Australian-made SuperPro bushes.

“Volkswagen group models are a significant part of our business and a market sector which is growing in importance, so the Volkswagen Racing Cup is a perfect marketing fit for us, and of course we have supplying suspension components to competitors for around five years.”

Ross Wylie’s SlideSports Scirocco was among the SuperPro-equipped machines to win in the Volkswagen Racing Cup during 2013.

Welcoming SuperPro to the series, championship manager Matt Walker said: “Volkswagen Racing UK has used SuperPro components in many road and race-car builds and can wholeheartedly recommend them, as we know can many of the championship’s competitors. We are very pleased to be strengthening our links and that SuperPro will be supporting the series.”

The opening rounds of the Milltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup are set to take place at Oulton Park on Easter Monday, 21 April. The 14-race, seven-meeting series supports the British GT Championship and is set to be televised across Europe via Motors TV.


Source: Nick Carter

Max Communications

Wednesday, 29 January 2014 02:55

SuperPro upgrade for new Nissan Pulsar SSS


Part No: SPF3965K, SPF3963K, SPF3473K, SPF4156-18K, RC0039FZ-20, SPF4162K, RC0039RZ-18

The new Nissan Pulsar SSS is here ... and benefits enormously from a SuperPro upgrade!

SuperPro have identified the key issues and set about engineering the perfect solution.



SPF4156-18K front



  • Soft voided front and rear OEM rubber Control Arm bushings allow excessive movement under braking and acceleration
  • A pull left alignment issue which is not adjustable from factory

  • Very soft OEM rubber sway bar bushes



Solutions:SPF3965K front

  • SuperPro Offset Vertical Pivot rear bushes were designed to correct the “pull left” problem and firm up the lateral movement. A cotton reel style SuperPro front bush was designed to firm up the control arm under load
  • A two piece dual Duro SuperPro Sway Bar D-Bush was engineered to overcome the O.E design, as the Sway bar in these sits very high off the cross member. These new bushings also complement the new larger diameter Roll Control sway bar.


SPF4162K rearProblem:

  • The beam axle rear with soft OEM rubber bushes, inherited from the standard Pulsar, allows excessive rear passive steer.


  • SuperPro has engineered a two piece polyurethane bushing to tighten the rear end


The fitment of SuperPro products eliminates all the unwanted control arm movement, rear end passive steer and delivers greatly improved handling while cornering, accelerating and braking, all without increased noise vibration and harshness.

Add the new SuperPro Roll Control sway bars and the new SSS Pulsar handles like a performance vehicle!

LOWER CONTROL ARM REAR OFFSET BUSH KIT Recommended Performance Upgrade


SWAY BAR MOUNT KIT Suits Factory Sway Bar SPF4156-18K





Tuesday, 14 January 2014 23:10

SuperPro Master Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK


Part No: KIT173K

  • SuperPro Bush Master Kit for JK Wrangler: for repairs, performance and upgrades.

SuperPro is the ideal choice for bush replacements, repairs, performance upgrades and lifts for Jeep Wranglers.
SuperPro components outperform the original O.E bushings in every location on the vehicle.


When you need repairs

  • Rubber bushings deteriorate and induce undesirable characteristics into the handling.
  • The trailing arm bushes stabilise the forward and aft movement of both axles. Worn bushings impart steering angles on the vehicle causing the vehicle to wander all over the road and make the vehicle subject severe directional changes under braking.
  • The Panhard rod bushes control the sideways movement of both axles; wear in these bushings make the vehicle unstable at higher speeds and unstable under braking.

The solution:

  • SuperPro bushings are more durable and give more positive arm location than an O.E rubber bushing, resulting in a vehicle that gives the driver that “New Car Feel” for the life of the car.
  • KIT173K

When you need performance

  • Fitting bigger, wider wheels and tyres to the Wrangler seriously impact the performance of the rubber bushes.
  • Increasing the tyre contact patch increases the amount of rubber in contact with the road; this in turn amplifies the drag and load imparted on the rubber trailing arm bushings. This will cause instability under braking and dramatically reduce their service life.

The solution:

  • Fitting SuperPro at the same time as the wider wheels will enhance the vehicles suspension to handle the additional forces imparted by the bigger tyres

When you need an upgrade

  • Raising the Wrangler dramatically alter the performance of a rubber bushing.
  • Rubber bushings work through a limited range of rotation and have voiding in specific locations for their optimal performance, increasing the ride height of a vehicle changes all this.

The solution:

  • SuperPro bushings provide superior control and, in specific locations, work as a free pivoting bearing, regardless of ride height.
  • Lifting a vehicle also lifts the centre of gravity, in turn inducing greater forces on the suspension, requiring a more resilient suspension bushing in every location to control the attitude of the trailing arms.


When any of the above conditions are changed, fit SuperPro bushings! To enhance the handling performance and safety of the JK Wrangler fit SuperPro Bushings, now! SuperPro has the perfect solution, every bush needed in one kit, the SuperPro Enhancement Kit - KIT173K

Jeep Wrangler JK


jeep wrangler front suspension



Download a copy of the Jeep Wrangler JK Bulletin



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