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SuperPro Adjustable Sway Bar Link Installation Tips

For replacement of OE (Original Equipment) sway bar links or fitment with a replacement sway bar we recommend you use a SuperPro sway bar link. 




To get the best out of SuperPro Adjustable sway bar links we advise that the following fitment instructions and recommendations be strictly followed:

  • Incorrect adjustment of sway bar link length will lead to premature failure
  • Ensure all sway bar link ball ends are in a neutral position for maximum operational articulation, see Figure 01
  • For vehicles with equal length OE links on each side, both adjustable sway bar links must also be of equal length to ensure ball ends are in a neutral position
  • It is important to set the adjustable sway bar links with the vehicle on all four wheels positioned at static ride height, then neutralise lengths. DO NOT Attempt to “preload” the sway bar will result in some component failure
  • The sway bar link is designed to be the failsafe if incorrect adjustment occurs and this component will fail, instead of chassis or strut mountings.

SuperPro adjustable sway bar link correct installation



To Install:

  • Remove the OE sway bar link pin assembly;
  • Measure the length of the OE link measuring from centre of ball end to center of ball end;
  • As a starting point adjust the TRC sway bar link to the same length as the OE assembly;
  • Refit to vehicle and adjust the length of the link by rotating the centre alloy part of the link toshorten or lengthen the link. This is to accommodate for the change in ride height of the vehicle,while ensuring the ball ends are always in a neutral position to ensure maximum articulationwhen working in a dynamic situation;
  • Tension ball end nuts to the required specification (see below) with a torque wrench, aftertensioning a full nut length of thread should be seen past the nut
  • M10 nuts are to be tightened to 28 Nm or 21 lb/ft
  • M12 nuts are to be tightened to 50 Nm or 37 lb/ft
  • Tighten lock nuts on the adjuster section
  • Visually recheck correct length adjustment and ball ends are in a neutral position at ride height


SuperPro Adjustable Sway Bar Link installation guide