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SuperPro Control Arm Bush Kit for

Part Information


Control Arm-/Trailing Arm Bush

SuperPro Control Arm Bush Kit

Note: Suggest fitting KIT148K before fitting this kit for camber issues.Offset tubes for adjustment in this kit

Product Specifications:

  • Components Per Product: 1IS,4T,8B
A Double Offset kit is used for enhanced handling performance and will deliver positive caster to both sides of the vehicle.
The vehicle will have improved directional stability, crisper, more responsive steering and improved 'return to centre' feel.
This is a non tyre wearing geometry change that has a substantial effect on a vehicles handling characteristics.

Follow the installation instructions and enjoy the results!

Vehicle Application Information:

  • Performance Handling Kit
  • Fitting Position: Rear
  • Axle alignment required after fitting
  • Fitment Difficulty
  • 4hrs Fitment Time
  • Axle alignment required after fitting