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SuperPro Control And Radius Alloy Arm Kit for
BMW 2 2012-on - F22, F23, F87

Part Information


Control Arm

SuperPro Control And Radius Alloy Arm Kit

Left and Right Performance Upgrade Kit with additional Camber and Caster

Product Specifications:

  • Components Per Product: 4 ARMS

Vehicle Application Information:

  • Does not suit BMW M3 F80, M4 F82 and M2 F87 chassis.
  • Suits Caster Arm Subframe Mount width 95mm
SuperPro have developed and released the Front Arms as a Performance upgrade from the standard OEM style rubber bushings and ball joint.

The new SuperPro arms allow for adjustment to achieve additional caster independently on each side of the vehicle.
This feature is best utilised to correct a slight pull and to enhance directional stability and feel.

The OEM bushings are fairly soft and the SuperPro bushings reduce the arm movement and increase stability under braking, cornering and will increase tyre life.

The SuperPro Alloy Lower Control Arm is an M style arm with a fixed camber increase fitted with a hyme style Bushing to complete the package.

The SuperPro bushings allows full articulation and movement without binding and with no increase in noise, vibration or harshness.

Complete Alloy Control Arm Kit – includes Front Radius and Lower Control Arms.
Both Arms are a complete arm replacement and include SuperPro Bushings and a ball joint
  • The Control Arm delivers 1 degree of additional camber
  • The Radius Arm is "on car" adjustable
  • The Radius Arms allow for up 0.8 Degrees caster increase or decrease
  • Kit includes a spanner to adjust the Radius arms
  • Suits Caster arm subframe mount width 95mm
  • ALOY0030K is designed to suit the BMW F20, F21 F22 F30, F31, F34 and F35 chassis.
  • ALOY0030K does not fit the BMW F80, F82, F83 or F87 chassis.
  • Axle alignment required after fitting
  • Fitting Difficulty: difficult
  • Fitting Position: Front
  • Fitting Time [min.]: 120