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SuperPro Coil Spring Spacer Kit for
TOYOTA FORTUNER 2005-2015 - AN50, AN60 * No year *

Part Information


Spacer Sleeve, suspension strut support mount

SuperPro Coil Spring Spacer Kit

Raises vehicle approximately 10-12mm

Product Specifications:

  • Components Per Product: 2 SP

OD: 125mm ID: 79mm H: 6mm

Need more lift??
If you have added extra accessories to the front of your 4WD and need to correct the ride height, now SuperPro has the solution!
The SuperPro Strut Spacer Kit can help with correcting lost ride height on either one side or both sides of your 4WD without having to change springs.
  • Axle alignment required after fitting
  • Fitting Difficulty: difficult
  • Fitting Position: Front
  • Fitting Time [min.]: 210