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Roll Control Sway Bar Kit for
AUDI A3 2003-2012 - Mk 2 8P 2WD

Part Information


Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit

Roll Control Sway Bar Kit

24mm Front 2 Point Adjustable and 24mm Rear 2 Point Adjustable Sway Bars

Product Specifications:

  • Components Per Product: 2SB,4B,4LINKS

Kit includes Front and Rear Sway Bars, Heavy Duty High Articulation Sway Bar Links

SuperPro Roll Control Swaybar Kits are designed to deliver a predictable, neutrally balanced suspension.

If you are looking for increased cornering capabilities with decreased body roll, Roll Control sway bars are the answer!

By being adjustable the Sway bar rates can be increased between 30-50% over OE sway bars by simply changing the end link position on the sway bar.
  • Fitting Position: Front and Rear
  • Fitting Time [min.]: 360
  • Fitting Difficulty: difficult
  • Axle alignment required after fitting