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Monday, 17 October 2016 00:46

SuperPro Lift-Align Arms for Toyota Hilux, FJ Cruiser, Prado 120 & 150

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By utilising up to the minute modern design techniques and a desire to make the good even better, SuperPro have made some impressive changes to these arms.

Previously made from steel tube welded to a forged steel ball joint plate, the new arms utilise the O.E manufacturing style with a twist.

Firstly, a one piece pressed steel arm is made, then a flat steel internal section is robotically welded inside the pressing. This manufacturing approach results in an unbreakable product.

While looking every bit like an O.E arm, but with unrivalled durability and toughness built in.


Add to this suspension geometry changes built into the shape of the arm, along with a neutral ball joint position on a lifted vehicle to maximise ball joint articulation.

We all know that when these 4WDs are lifted they run out of Camber and Caster adjustment or have none at all. The Lift Align Arms are a product that will provide the solution, a complete replacement arm that gives camber and caster adjustment in one product!

This provides better handling, steering and traction, on and off road.

The trend to fit accessories, larger tyres & rims and suspension lift kits to the modern 4 X 4 has exposed the lack of any real O.E camber or caster adjustment. Left unresolved this leads to undesirable handling issues and premature tyre wear.

The new SuperPro Lift-Align Arms provide the widest range of camber and caster adjustment available, ensuring that whatever the circumstance, the geometry of the front suspension will not be compromised.

So what does this mean? Finally an arm solution that is purpose built for Aussie Lifted 4WDs, built tough and made locally to suit Australian conditions.


Key Features            

  • Increased articulation, perfect for the off road environment
  • In-built camber and caster change to suit lifted vehicle
  • Provides for camber and caster adjustment using an adjustable ball joint
  • Increased clearance between spring and Control Arm at full articulation
  • Improved joint integrity between bush housing and arm
  • Reduced stress on ball joint with improved ball joint with greater freedom of movement, while maintaining necessary joint strength.
  • Made from OEM grade high strength, high toughness Aussie steel, maintaining both unsprung weight and strength
  • SuperPro Bushings


Toyota Hilux 2005-On

Part No. TRC470

  • +/- 2 Degrees of Camber Adjustment
  • 0 to +3 Degrees of Caster Adjustment


Toyota FJ Cruiser, Prado 120 & 150

Part No. TRC480

  • +/- 2 Degrees of Camber Adjustment
  • 0 to +3 Degrees of Caster Adjustment
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