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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 23:21

SuperPro Polyelast blade TRC1012FGX - Extra offset Blade Arm Kit for Ford Falcon FG & FGX

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TRC1012FGX small


Up until now the only thing that couldn’t be fitted to these vehicles were wider rims!

Not anymore, SuperPro have engineered the perfect, must have upgrade.


 ford small



These new arm assemblies allow for Wider Wheel & Tyre Packages up to 19 or 20x10 with ET55 - ET52 offset Rims with a 295-305 Tyre, without any interference from the arm.


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While allowing for the extra clearance, these arms are still the perfect upgrade for these vehicles by significantly reducing the movement in the rear end.


By utilising Polyelast® Hybrid technology in this application, SuperPro can:

• Eliminate excessive movement due to soft blade bushes, resulting in a more responsive car, with better traction and a more positive braking feel.

• Offer a progressive rate bushing, with comfort and control

• Deliver massive durability increase

• Promise no compromise in Noise, Vibration & Harshness.


Available now!

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