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Thursday, 09 June 2016 05:06

SuperPro VAG Alloy Arm New Release

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With the success of the VAG MQB platform as a modified “Tuner” car, the SuperPro ALOY0006K Alloy Lower Control Arm package has been extremely popular.

SuperPro Alloy Control Arm assemblies deliver more caster and eliminate unwanted flex resulting in superior vehicle handling and performance.

ALOY0006K has an aggressive caster change that can cause a tyre to guard contact on lowered vehicles, especially with non-standard tyre and wheel packages.

Now there is ALOY0007K available for a less “aggressive” caster version of this arm package. This arm kit has less caster change to eliminate tyre contact in all situations.

However, care still needs to be taken with non-standard tyre and wheel packages.

Now there is an option to suit every situation to enjoy the benefits of the single most effective handling upgrade available!



Front Control Arm Lower

Complete Alloy Assembly - DuroBall


  • Caster Increase Alloy Arm with DuroBall Rear Bushing with built Camber Change
  • 1 Degree Positive Caster Change per Side
  • Up to 0.5 Degrees Negative Camber Change

VW Golf Mk 7 Typ 5G FWD - 2012-on

VW Golf Mk 7 Typ 5G 4motion - 2012-on 

Audi A3 Mk 3 8V_ 2WD - 04/2012-on 

Audi A3 Mk 3 8V_ Quattro - 08/2012-on

Seat Leon 5F_ - 09/2012-on

Skoda Octavia 5E_ - 11/2012-on

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