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That’s a great question that we’re really forced to think about nowadays. Its also a question I get asked a bit as more and more product is manufactured off-shore with cheap labour sources and our customers wonder if SuperPro has gone the same route.




Part No: SPF0352K, SPF0353K, SPF0438K

These coil spring spacer kits are designed and used as a load carrying aid in coil sprung vehicles to restrict the compression of a single wind of the coil spring and thereby increasing the rate of the coil. These universal application parts can be adapted to a large range of vehicles.


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Part No: SPF0987K, A2139



SuperPro has developed and is continually expanding its range of Caster Correction Bushes. Field reports and tests determined that caster correction was needed on many front wheel drive cars. To correct the pull to one side steering problem, the following options were developed:







The SuperPro range includes polyurethane solid rod. This material can be machined with ease, and is available in 70 +/-3, 80+/-3, and 90 +/3, 95 Shore “A” Hardness.

SuperPro solid rod is available in production colours. Special orders for colours or Duro hardness will be accepted however these orders will attract an extra cost.

These helpful hints will ensure safe accurate machining of polyurethane rod.


The shackle bush is not just a simple device which locates springs in a vehicle and offers insulation for NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) these bushes are submitted to tremendous loading and have a significant effect on the handling of a vehicle, therefore it is vital that we pay very close attention to the Shackle Bushes.




SuperPro is at the forefront of understanding and development of polyurethane bushings.