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SuperPro acknowledge spacer lifts have an ugly past. Typically they have not been properly engineered or tested by the manufacturers/importer. We have also seen manufacturers make these kits to lift vehicles beyond a safe or legal lift. SuperPro has done the engineering work to get these kits right! We have incorporated each vehicles suspension geometry into the design of every kit including consideration of the solid height to ensure the shock absorber does not bottom out before it strikes the bump stop. The lift height of each kit is unique and the associated hardware is designed and engineered to be safe and legal. No other spacer lifts on the market achieve what SuperPro has. 


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SuperPro’s eagerly anticipated TRC2001 Complete Engine Mount Kit is available now. 

Utilizing the proprietary Polyelast® material; the TRC2001 3-piece Mount Kit is SuperPro’s answer to one of the most requested components from our customers and dealer network.

Part No: TRC2001

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SuperPro has had another busy month!

....and here's what we did for you in May:

  • VW Tiguan Aloy Control Arms
  • Toyota Supra Differential Mount Bushes
  • BMW Z4 Control Arm Bushes
  • and lots more.....


Part No: ALOY0004K

When ordering our new SuperPro Roll Control WRX Arms, please quote the part number above



SuperPros vertical pivoting bushes provide a perfect example of how replacing or upgrading a standard rubber component with a polyurethane equivalent can provide a series of significant benefits. Especially those found in modern-design suspension systems and specifically, the front control arms.


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SuperPro Hybrid Bushing

SuperPro pushes the boundaries of what is possible!

SuperPro is pleased to announce the release of the most technologically advanced Differential Bushings ever produced. The Ford Diff Bush has been a problem part since inception and the associated Ford 'Diff Clunk' an audible issue for Falcon, Fairlane and Territory owners alike, SuperPro has now solved this issue!


Part No:



It always pleases me that no matter where I go, our durometer or hardness tester is a hit. Whether it be at a trade show in Melbourne Moscow or Las Vegas – everyone just loves to have a feel!

Not only do they feel the duro or hardness, they actual get to feel the products themselves.

Polyurethane bushing are key to the vehicle handling and durability but some brands have historically provided a hard uncompromising ride.  The reality is some polyurethane bushings last no longer than rubber and are "hard" work while in service.


SuperPro offers a superior product that is Thermo-set and provides numerous advantages over its competitors:

  • SuperPro has a "live" feel as opposed to the dead, solid feel of typical polyurethane
  • The unique progressive rate material gives easy movement that offers greater resistance as the load increases
  • The “soft” feel of SuperPro relates straight to the drivers “seat of the pants" feel and control with smoother handling

Our duro range is carefully thought through and the duro tester provides the ability for the customer to “feel” the options they have available. Options that are uniquely SuperPro 



Caster and what does it mean where the SuperPro catalogue mentions notes like the following ;

  • 2 x Offset bushing for caster adjust
  • 1 x Standard bushing & 1 x Offset bushing kit        
  • Standard replacement kit





Caster angle is the angular displacement from the vertical axis of the suspension of a steered wheel in a carbicycle or other vehicle, measured in the longitudinal direction. It is the angle between the pivot line (in a car - an imaginary line that runs through the center of the upper ball joint to the center of the lower ball joint) and vertical. Car racers sometimes adjust caster angle to optimize their car's handling characteristics in particular driving situations.

Your cars left or right pull will be extremely noticeable on any highway or when you are driving fast on a straight. Having misaligned wheels and the wrong camber, caster or toe adjustment is huge safety risk not just for yourself but for the others on the road.

If you ever have work done on your cars suspension then you will also need a wheel alignment as any adjustment to your cars suspension system will displace its camber/caster/toe adjustment. If a wheel alignment is done properly it will make driving your car so much more pleasant and safe. 



We’ve heard that a certain motor magazine doing a certain test of some “hotly” tuned front wheel drive performance cars had some serious fun with the APR tuned Golf and Polo GTI’s and achieved some pretty impressive results including an “a__ whipping” of the base car, a brand new Focus RS 320hp

Here are some pics from the event and there will be more to follow however, stand by for some surprising news on the outcome and what SuperPro parts were fitted to achieve it.  

The 2 cars were the APR Stage 3 Golf GTI and the quintessential pocket rocket, the APR Stage 2 Polo GTI which were quoted as “... the fastest and second fastest fwd’s around the circuit..”

Follow the links to see what APR Australia can do for VAG tuning. A very potent upgrade. As for SuperPro parts, both cars had the full suite of poly bushings including performance caster correction kits as well as some new roll control products. Stay tuned for more details and look out on your news stands to get a copy to see the full details.




With constant innovation comes constant improvement, when conditions demand a solution SuperPro provides the answer.


Introducing SuperPro's Unique “Slippery Stuff” Grease



Twelve months of extensive research and development has gone into SuperPro’s bushing grease – specifically engineered to compliment the already outstanding performance of our polyurethane suspension bushes. The environmentally-friendly grease requires sparse application, making it cost effective to user. It offers nil-penetration into polyurethane, resulting in zero breakdown of the bushing, in turn providing consistent lubrication and exceptional wear-life.

When installing any SuperPro polyurethane unit into a vehicle it is important to use SuperPro lubricant, this ensures a smooth ride and reduced NVH  (Noise Vibration Harshness). The new SuperPro lubricant is designed to work seamlessly with the SuperPro materials self lubricating properties ensuring the unit is constantly provided lubrication as required.

In all the locations on a vehicle where bushes have a pivoting action, it is essential that grease is used. Due to the characteristics of Polyurethane, and the way in which the bushes behave, they start to act as bearings instead of just a gap filler, and as little friction in movement as possible is vital to avoid uncomfortable increases in Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). All SuperPro kits include grease where necessary; of course we do not include grease where it is not necessary for the performance of the component to do so.

The new SuperPro grease is now supplied in stronger split resistant packaging with full safety specifications for consumers.