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Alloy Control Arm ALOY0001K for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Soda Vehicles

PQ35 platform VAG vehicle, complete control arm kit.


Designed, Engineered and made in Australia

SuperPro Sway bars are a perfect Performance upgrade solution. 


SuperPro Suspension Bushing Design Features

SuperPro has a Large Range of Innovative Bushing Designs. 

KIT153K  Front Alignment Kit

SuperPro has a Large Range of Innovative Bushing Designs. 

Autocare Sydney 2018

SuperPro is at Autocare 2018 this Friday and Saturday, May 4-5, in Sydney.



A Complete Adjustable 4x4 Wheel Alignment Solution - Upper & Lower Control Arm Kits  


When you get a lift kit installed, you deserve the best. Why do half the job correcting your wheel alignment with a control arm that only offers static caster correction? Get the job done properly with SuperPros fully adjustable 4x4 control arms! Our arms come with complete camber and caster control. Designed to give your 4WD the best wheel alignment settings and increased clearance.

We have complete 'Control Arm Kits' for a wide range of vehicles, including upper and lower control arms; 




Which is best a Rubber bushing or SuperPro Poly Bushing?

The purpose of this write up is to clear up the misconceptions that surround both polyurethane bushings and rubber bushings. Specifically looking at the use of rubber bushings in standard and aftermarket applications compared to SuperPro polyurethane bushings. 







79 Series Landcruiser


The 2016 onwards 79 series Landcruiser has had numerous changes to accommodate improvements required to increase the ANCAP rating.

Among these changes, the new model has different radius arms and different mounting positions. We believe this is a change across all models.




Engineered for the harshest offroad conditions!

SuperPro has developed, what is arguably, the most sophisticated, castor increase, high articulation and perfectly weighted replacement Radius arms for the 4WD market.


TRC1016 - 5TRC1016 - 2



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Use SuperPro caster correction bushes when; 


  • Slight pull to the left can be counteracted by a Single Offset kit, supplied with an offset bush to be fitted to the passenger side and a standard bush for the drivers side.

  • A strong pull to the left can be overcome by installing the Double Offset kit. One offset bush is fitted to passenger side to increase caster and one is fitted to the drivers side to decrease caster.

  • Where no pull is evident but handling performance can be enhanced a Double Offset kit is used to deliver positive caster to both sides. The vehicle will have improved directional stability; crisper, more responsive steering and improved return to centre feel.


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