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In our workshops we are always trying to do the best by our customers, so which is best? OEM rubber bushing or SuperPro?

The most common complaint surrounding Polyurethane (PU) is that it is too hard and causes unwanted Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH). This will have your customer back complaining quicker than anything else! But, rubber has its own drawbacks, lesser service life, excessive movement in the suspension arms, distortion due to the voiding and lack of memory. Also, rubber really doesn’t like oil, petrol or coolant and that’s a real downer for an automotive part.



The other key point here is that rubber OE bushes are not always available on their own. Often an assembly is all you can get from the dealer meaning you have to replace the whole arm or assembly even through just one bush has failed. This is a positive for many aftermarket bushes and SuperPro has this angle covered.

Anyone can make a PU bushing and a few manufacturers make very good ones. PU is the name given to broad range of products from hard plastics to carpet underlay. SuperPro develop their formulation for use as suspension bushings from the outset and understand the concept of developing a higher quality, quiet, longer lasting and superior alternative to rubber.

SuperPro has superior mechanical properties, superior abrasion resistance, excellent memory properties and is unaffected by temperature, oils and coolant. This makes SuperPro bushings a cost-effective and viable alternative to OEM rubber bushings, without the worry of NVH.


In some applications SuperPro is the only alternative. We have all seen the new style of Vertical Pivoting Bushing (VPB) that is starting to appear more and more. Typical examples of this would be Toyota Camry front lower control arm and the newer vehicles from Europe and Korea. This style of bushing was aimed at increased efficiency and cost savings when assembling the under carriage and engine module into a vehicle. This heavily voided rubber bushing was primarily designed to assemble a vehicle faster on a production line, not perform better or last longer.

The SuperPro VPB ensures that the control arm is positively located; this means it is not free to move in directions that were never intended. The inevitable outcome is a vehicle that brakes safely and optimum wheel alignment angles are maintained throughout all conditions to ensure maximum tyre life.

So to summarise, Rubber is good, SuperPro is better in most areas of importance to our customers. It still takes the same amount of time to fit a rubber bushing as it does to fit a SuperPro one, only difference is your customer will enjoy increased service life and extended tyre life with a SuperPro bushing for only a modest additional outlay for the component.