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PQ VAG Control Arm Brackets ALOY3273-80K & ALOY3273-90K

SuperPro control arm brackets designed to give precision handling.



As part of SuperPro’s roll control range both ALOY3273-80K and ALOY3273-90K have been designed for the PQ VAG range of vehicles made between 2003-2014. These performance options have been engineered to provide several benefits for both on and off the track.

The design of these part includes an alloy bracket, stainless steel inner tube and offset SuperPro polyurethane bushing. The bushing is bonded to the alloy bracket to increase performance, anti-lift and durability.



The difference between the two parts is the duro of the bushing. With the 80 duro option being ideal for fast road use, for those vehicles on the road which wider tyres, lowered suspension and pushing more power. Whereas the 90 duro option is ideal for track use.

These kits were developed as part of the ‘Grip Dynamics’ system SuperPro’s Roll Control range promotes. This improves handling and performance by focusing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements.  This includes up to 1 degree of extra dynamic positive caster, anti-lift which results in more traction and power delivery, precise steering, better handling and increased grip. There is also a noticeable performance upgrade and weight reduction as these alloy arms are up to 38% lighter than the O.E steel arms.

All SuperPro products are engineered in Australia and are built to last.  SuperPro has your covered.


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