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BMW E46 Alloy Control Arm kit ALOY0046K

BMW E46 Complete Repair & Performance & Upgrade Control Arm Kit.



SuperPro’s Roll Control range has a great upgrade option for the BMW E46. With the extensive steering and suspension history that SuperPro has this alloy control arm is a well-made solution for E46 owners. ALOY0046K is the part number for this front lower control arm pair, which comes with both the left and right, ready to fit!



ALOY0046K is part of the Supaloy arms released by SuperPro which provide noticeable performance upgrades, improved steering precision, better handling, increased positive caster and anti-lift for more traction and power delivery. These arms are durable and provide the driver with better steering feedback, which creates less understeer and higher cornering speeds.

These arms come fitted with uprated heavy-duty M-Spec ball joints, brackets and SuperPro polyurethane bushings which reduce arm movement. These arms are available with two bushing types. The first is a centralised bushing which is designed for a standard vehicle and is a standard repair replacement for the BMW E46. The second is an offset bushing which allows for more caster on the vehicle by pushing the control arm and ball joint forward, resulting in more precise steering, stability and control.

The design of these arms is integral to the durability and performance. Being an alloy control arm it is lighter than the stock or OE steel arm, it is also stronger with reduced flex. There is a special low-friction stainless steel sleeve in the back of the arm and the SuperPro bushings are bonded directly to the high strength alloy bracket.

For all BMW E46 owners SuperPro has this complete alloy repair upgrade solution for the front lower control arms which is a complete arm kit for ease of installation.

Get in touch with your local SuperPro stockist today to get this great upgrade for your BMW!