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Alloy Control Arm ALOY0001K for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Soda Vehicles

PQ35 platform VAG vehicle, complete control arm kit.


SuperPros control arm, ALOY0001K for PQ35 platform VAG vehicles is meant to be a used as an easy complete kit that can work as either a performance upgrade or standard repair part. 

ALOY0001K has been designed to be easy to install, the VAG control arm is made out of a unique SuperPro alloy composite tested by the SuperPro engineering team at Brisbane, in the workshop, track on road and at their R&D facility. Featuring the new "Grip Dynamics" system which improves grip for better handling and performance by focusing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements.

All SuperPro Alloy arms are 38% lighter than OEM Steel Arms. Offering your car greater performance and more precise steering, with SuperPro (poly) bushes installed. Your car will give, faster reaction, more precise steering and better handling. ALOY0001K has been designed to give an increase in positive caster and have anti lift design features for more traction and power delivery.



If you are looking to use ALOY0001K as a standard repair arm you can use our repair bracket (SPF4952K) that fits the control arm perfectly. Pop in bush design, which is a 95 duro insert. SPF4952K is not designed for high performance or track cars but as a repair part.

If your looking for further performance from the control arm or to use ALOY0001K in a high performance VAG vehicle. Than ALOY0001K can either come with ALOY3273-80K (80 Duro) or ALOY3273-90K (90 Duro). Both brackets are offset to give extra caster, has further anti lift features boosting driving precision. Poly is bonded to the bracket to give much more durable product. The brackets also come with a stainless steel sleeve.


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