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SuperPro Suspension Bushing Design Features

SuperPro has a Large Range of Innovative Bushing Designs. 


All SuperPro bushings are designed to suit the application they are made for. With each bushing being carefully engineered to ensure longevity and the best result for the application, the design aspects of each bush are important. There are three notable design functions of the SuperPro bushings that are integral to them.



Tangial Grooves

The first is Tangial Grooves, these are made on the end of the bush and are made to retain grease on the surface where the bush will come up against a metal surface.




Knurling is the next feature of the SuperPro bushes, inside the bushes they feature knurling which is a cross pattern that is also utilised to retain grease once installed and during use on the vehicle. Knurling will be found inside most if not all SuperPro bushings.


Bullet Grooves

The last feature of a lot of the SuperPro bushings have is the bullet groove which is on the outer of the bushings. This is used to give the bushing a bit more flexibility during use in the application.



SuperPro has thousands of other suspension bushing design features but the above shown are the main, which are included in nearly all bushings. SuperPro products are engineered in Australia and are Built to last. This is backed by the lifetime warranty offered by SuperPro for all their bushings.


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