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Introducing SuperPro's Unique “Slippery Stuff” Grease



Twelve months of extensive research and development has gone into SuperPro’s bushing grease – specifically engineered to compliment the already outstanding performance of our polyurethane suspension bushes. The environmentally-friendly grease requires sparse application, making it cost effective to user. It offers nil-penetration into polyurethane, resulting in zero breakdown of the bushing, in turn providing consistent lubrication and exceptional wear-life.

When installing any SuperPro polyurethane unit into a vehicle it is important to use SuperPro lubricant, this ensures a smooth ride and reduced NVH  (Noise Vibration Harshness). The new SuperPro lubricant is designed to work seamlessly with the SuperPro materials self lubricating properties ensuring the unit is constantly provided lubrication as required.

In all the locations on a vehicle where bushes have a pivoting action, it is essential that grease is used. Due to the characteristics of Polyurethane, and the way in which the bushes behave, they start to act as bearings instead of just a gap filler, and as little friction in movement as possible is vital to avoid uncomfortable increases in Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). All SuperPro kits include grease where necessary; of course we do not include grease where it is not necessary for the performance of the component to do so.

The new SuperPro grease is now supplied in stronger split resistant packaging with full safety specifications for consumers.