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SuperPro Upper Control Arms for your lifted 4WD!

If you lift your 4WD then you need an alignment correction solution to fix the geometry change in your 4WD’s suspension. This can be achieved with an alignment correction bushing kit or a SuperPro Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kit. In some cases the bushings alone aren’t able to correct the alignment issues, such as droop. This is when an Upper Control Arm Kit is the better solution, particularly in your lifted IFS 4WD.



SuperPro Aftermarket Upper Control Arm kits will provide your 4WD with the best alignment.




Issues when lifting your 4WD

Generally IFS vehicles have a few degrees of adjustment in their camber and caster from factory. When you go to lift your vehicle, for every inch you lift it you will lose a degree of that adjustment. This means that if you lift your 4WD and then go to get a wheel alignment there will not be enough adjustment to accurately align your vehicle. The solution: adding an adjustable upper control arm, this allows the vehicle to get back the lost degrees of adjustment and for an accurate alignment


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The Solution

SuperPro 4x4 Upper Control Arms are designed, tested and manufactured in Melbourne Australia. These arms are built to the highest standard, designed to outperform the competition and the Original Equipment (OE) parts. The SuperPro business motto is ‘Engineered to Outperform, and they do this by exceeding many design expectation and are also certified as such.

Offering both complete repair and upgrade upper control arm kits, SuperPro, provide kits complete with pre-installed SuperPro bushings and all other necessary components needed for an easy installation.



aftermarket upper control arm

superpro 4x4 fixed upper control arm kit


SuperPro Upper Control Arms are supplied with camber and caster adjustable ball joints, allowing you to set the perfect alignment.

*Please note to make things easier all SuperPro Adjustable Upper Control Arms ball joints are set to the recommended position for a 2 inch lift.

Our control arms come pre-installed with SuperPro bushings, ensuring the best suspension performance.

Getting the correct alignment is no longer a problem with the full adjustment that the Supper Pro Upper Control Arms offer. These arms are also designed to overcome the clearance issues that a lifted 4WD can face.

Our aftermarket upper control arms deliver up to 3 degrees of caster and additional camber, allowing for the optimum alignment settings for a 2” lifted vehicle.



SuperPro 4x4 Control Arms Nationally Approved

SuperPro has worked with an OE manufacturer in Australia to ensure OE standards of manufacture and genuine quality were met. Not only are SuperPro Upper Control Arms made in Australia, they are also made tough to handle the roughest of conditions. SuperPro designed their control arms to deliver a product to the market that eliminated issues other arms, OE and Aftermarket, faced, such as fatigue.

SuperPro’s unique Upper Control Arm design allowed SuperPro to place the adjustable ball joint in a more neutral position and increase the strength of the arm.To further solidify SuperPro’s statement of ‘Engineered to Outperform’, we provided various sets of our 4x4 Adjustable Upper Control Arms to a 3rd party engineering facility and contracted them to do a 3rd party analysis of our Upper Control Arms.The main underlining note being; ‘In line with the provided information from SuperPro, the FUCA (Front Upper Control Arms) complies with the ADR (Australian Design Rules) ruling as stated in the NCOP (National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification). It is manufactured to meet or exceed the factory item, with built in features & benefits to suit raised suspension.’.