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An Easy to Install 4x4 Lift Kit that gives your 4WD a Tougher Look

SuperPro Easy Lift Kits (Spacer Block Lift Kits) are the ideal way to lift a standard height Dual or Single Cab 4WD Ute and retain the standard suspension.

This lift kit solution is only to be used with good condition and standard height suspension on selected vehicles such as the Toyota Hilux (TRC096LK), Nissan Navara (TRC141LK) and Mitsubishi Triton (TRC143LK). 



The SuperPro Easy Lift Kits are innovatively designed to give you a greater ground clearance for off-road ability, while still working with the vehicle’s existing suspension components. Each block lift has been precision cut, molded, designed and tested to ensure the lift for each vehicle will be of high performance.  

The Spacer Block is built from billet alloy and assembled by our suspension experts in Australia. Our lift kits are designed to maintain the correct amount of lift for a safe working suspension system. SuperPro Easy Lift Kits will lift your vehicle approximately 25-45mm depending on vehicle application and retain the vehicle’s standard suspension. 



SuperPro Easy Lift Kit


Each lift kit has been meticulously tested and fitted to ensure the lift for each application is correct to maintain a safe working environment for the standard suspension. Everything that is required to lift your vehicle is supplied in each kit, including comprehensive fitting instructions to ensure an accurate outcome. 

Although SuperPro Easy Lift Kits have been designed as an easy lift solution, these kits should only be used to lift the selected vehicles standard suspension. Using our Easy Lift Kit on top of a aftermarket suspension is an extremely unsafe practice. 




A few months after the SuperPro Easy Lift Kit was installed into the Hilux, the suspension and drive conditions of the Hilux where reviewed.




Are SuperPro 4x4 Easy Lift Kits legal in Australia?

Yes they are. Read about the compliance of the SuperPro Easy Lift kits here: Click Me



superpro easy lift kit floor

SuperPro Easy Block Lift Kit




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