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Heavy Duty 4x4 Upper Control Arm & Lower Control Arm Kits

SuperPro 4x4 upper control arms are manufactured, tested and designed in Australia. SuperPro 4x4 upper control arms are built to the highest standard, designed to outperform the competition and their OE counterparts. Following their business motto "Engineered to Outperform", SuperPro 4x4 upper control arms exceeds many design expectations. SuperPro offers both adjustable upper control arm kits and non-adjustable upper control arm kits, giving you the best options to solve both alignment and clearance issues on a lifted 4WD.



For every inch a vehicle is raised the vehicles geometry is permanently changed, causing alignment issues. If a lift kit is installed, then a control arm should also be installed to solve alignment issues.

When you get a lift kit installed, you deserve the best. Why do half the job correcting your wheel alignment with a standard upper control arm that only offers static caster correction? Get the job done properly with SuperPro's fully adjustable 4x4 upper control arms! Our upper control arm kits come with complete camber and caster control. Designed to give your 4WD the best wheel alignment settings and increased clearance.



SuperPro 4x4 upper control arm kits and lower control arm kits are manufactured in Melbourne Australia, for high quality control and greater stock opportunity. 

SuperPro 4x4 control arms are supplied with the camber and caster adjustable ball joints and are fitted with SuperPro bushings. The design of SuperPro 4x4 control arms has removed the common issues usually faced with getting the correct alignment and clearance and they also reduce tyre wear and allows the safety of the vehicle to be maintained. 

For lifted vehicles the offset options of the lower control arms return your vehicles wheel alignment to original settings. This is achieved with the inbuilt camber adjustment into the arms.

Other benefits of installing a SuperPro aftermarket 4x4 Control arm include your tyres wearing evenly, more ground clearance for lifted vehicles in some cases and increased safety on the roads for lifted vehicles.




SuperPro 4x4 Upper Control Arm Kit Features

  • Complete Adjustability
  • Designed and Tested in Australia
  • Made in Australia (Melbourne) with Aussie Steel
  • Complete Kit solution
  • Includes SuperPro Bushings
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Solves Alignment Issues
  • Longer Tyre Life
  • Approved Nationally - VSB 14 Compliant (ADR compliant)
  • Certified and confirmed to exceed OE specifications


Key Features

  • Increased articulation, perfect for the off road environment
  • Provides for camber and caster adjustment using an adjustable ball joint
  • Increased clearance between spring and Control Arm at full articulation


SuperPro 4WD Control Arms 


4x4 Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kits

SuperPro adjustable upper control arms are supplied with Camber & Caster Adjustable Ball Joints. Fitted with SuperPro Bushings to offer the best performance.

Getting the correct alignment is no longer a problem as our arms offer full adjsutment, SuperPro control arms are also designed so that they overcome lifted 4WD clearance issues.

These arms deliver up to 3 degree of caster along with extra camber, allowing for the optimum alignment settings for a 2" lifted vehicle.

Not only do these arms provide for better wheel alignment settings, they have been designed to include increased clearance between the arm and strut at full droop.

Previously made from steel tube welded to a forged steel ball joint plate, the new arms utilise the manufacturing method developed and refined with the Ford and Toyota arms. Our adjustable upper control arms are built tough harsh Australia off road conditions using high strength, OE grade Aussie steel.


trc485 upper control arm



4x4 Fixed Upper Control Arm Kits

SuperPro 4x4 fixed upper control arms are an easy to install alignment correct solution. 

These arms are ideally suited to a “conventional” 50mm lift to offer an easy solution to correct alignment via the OE adjustment mechanism on the lower arms.Providing an increase between +2.5 and +3.5 degrees of caster and up to 1.5 degrees of negative camber these new arms are fit and forget.


What makes these new 4x4 fixed arms unique?

✅ Designed by SuperPro to correct alignment for lifted vehicles on installation, does not require adjustment

✅ Comes as a complete kit of both left and right control arms to ensure the correct geometry correction

✅ High quality design incorporating form factor welding and assembly

✅ Powder coated for increased durability in offroad conditions

✅ Lifetime warranty


IMG 8087


SuperPro 4x4 Lower Control Arm Kits

Although not adjustable, the SuperPro O.E Style arm has been designed to correct camber, caster, droop and clearance problems on a lifted Triton.


Key Features

  • In-built camber and caster change to suit lifted vehicle
  • Increased clearance between spring and Control Arm at full articulation
  • In-built droop increase to allow an even all round vehicle lift
  • Designed with FEA to exceed O.E specifications for strength and durability
  • OE Quality ball joint
  • Includes SuperPro Bushings
  • Built tough in Australia using high strength, OE grade Aussie steel.


Lift Kit Alignment Misconceptions

1. Not Every Car needs to have a control arm or alignment bush fitted

This is incorrect, as for every inch a vehicle is lifted or lowered the alignment of the vehicle is permanently changed. So, in order to provide the best solution to our customers we must sell them a control arm or alignment correction bushing with every lift kit sold. Our priority being control arms.

2. You can get a good enough wheel alignment without a control arm

This is incorrect, once a vehicle has been lifted the suspension geometry is permanently changed from OE. Meaning that its alignment will never be the same as OE unless a physical offset adjustment is made. In this case a control arm or offset bushing is required.



SuperPro Adjustable Upper Control Arms - Nationally Approved

SuperPro worked with OE (genuine part) manufacturer in Australia to ensure OE standards of manufacture and genuine quality were met. Not only are these arms made in Australia they are also made as tough as they could be to deliver a product to the market that eliminated the issues other arms on the market were facing, which included fatigue. This change in the deign allowed SuperPro to place the adjustable ball join in a more neutral position and increase the strength of the arm.

These arms were rigorously tested in-car before the release and the result of these tests was an expanded arm range that now delivers up +/- 2 degrees of camber adjustment and between 0-3 degrees of caster adjustment. Allowing for the optimum alignment setting for a 2-inch lifted vehicle. So not only do these arms provide for better wheel alignment settings, better handling, steering & traction on and off road and increased clearance between the arm and strut at full droop.

To further solidify SuperPro suspensions statement of 'Engineered to Outperform', they provided a set of 4x4 adjustable control arms to a third party engineering company. Contracting them to do a third party analysis outside of our our engineering facilities.

The main underlining note being "In line with the provided information from SuperPro, the FUCA complies with the ADR ruling as stated in the NCOP. It is manufactured to meet or exceed the factory item, with built in features & benefits to suit raised suspension.". Below you can view their findings, in full. 





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