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SuperPro has developed, what is arguably, the most sophisticated, castor increase, high articulation and perfectly weighted replacement Radius arms for the 4WD market.

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SuperPro has developed a complete replacement Blade arm assembly for Falcon and Territory to make it even easier to repair.  As this new design incorporates the new Polyelast material and Hybrid design, it is critical for the Blade bushing to be perfectly ‘timed’ in the arm. 

Each arm and bushing has been assembled to this precise location to ensure the maximum results from this new and innovative product.

The Ford Falcon & Territory Rear Blade Bushing has proven to be a big problem with severe durability, ride and handling problems. The Blade Arm Bushing essentially pushes the car forward and stops the car during braking.  It sees extremely high loads in excess of 15kN.  


The original Ford Blade bush is soft in all directions, which is not good for performance and durability, now there is a far superior option.

By utilising Polyelast® Hybrid technology in this application, SuperPro can:

  • Eliminate the acceleration lag due to soft bushes, resulting in a more responsive car, with better traction and a more positive braking feel.

  • Offer a progressive rate bushing, which for the end consumer can be summed up as a plush ride through the suburbs with a ‘sports performance’ experience at the wheel when you need it.

  • Deliver massive durability increase and superior value for money.

  • Promise no compromise in Noise, Vibration & Harshness.



TRC1012 – Rear Blade Control Arm Kit includes:

  • Kit includes 2 arms fitted with Polyelast Bushes

Ford Falcon BA / BF Sedan - 2002-2007

Ford Falcon FG Sedan - 2008-on

Ford Fairlane BA / BF - 2003-2007

Ford Territory SX & SY - 2004-2011

Ford Territory SZ RWD & AWD - 05/2011-on




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