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After developing, what is arguably, the most sophisticated, castor increase and high articulation and replacement Radius arms for the Toyota Landcruiser.



SuperPro now has the Patrol covered!




The SuperPro Lift Correction Arms incorporate Polyelast® Blade Technology and have been developed using sophisticated Finite Element Analysis programming, used extensively in the OE environment, along with a

rigorous testing regime both in the lab and in the field. The combination of a 20% increase in sectional properties combined with the use of OE grade High Strength, High Toughness Australian steel, the result is an arm

of comparable weight to the original radius arm, with increased strength, built for all on road and off-road conditions.




Why be concerned about Castor?

It should be common knowledge by now that raising a vehicle washes off castor. The effects of decreased castor are a loss of straight line stability, vague steering at higher speeds and can cause castor shimmy. The

SuperPro Lift Correction Arm Kit solves the issues with “built in” castor correction in the design, with nearly 4 Degrees for a 50mm lift and 2.5 Degrees for a 75mm lift. These Radius Arms have been designed with castor

correction to only suit raised vehicles. The design uses concentric bushings with advantages such as durability, comfort and increased articulation over non-centrally located bushings.



Why deliver more Articulation?

Articulation is critical to maintain tyre contact and keeping the cabin stable in rough road and off road scenarios. Articulation is the ‘hanging point’ for many aftermarket Radius arms, which continue to use the OE

bushings or inferior replacement rubber alternatives. The SuperPro Radius Arm Bushings utilises the Polyelast material and offers superior articulation by redefining the form and function of the bushing in this location. By

redesigning the profile of the bushing and creating a pocket for the Polyelast material to flow, a higher articulating bush with far greater durability has been created. The addition of a larger inner tube has led to a more

robust part for high speed highway stability and off road ruggedness without compromising NVH.




Why be concerned about un-sprung weight?

When it comes to a radius arm and vehicle suspension, unsprung weight is a critical factor. It affects not only ride and comfort but the dynamic system dampening and harshness. Vehicle Manufacturers spend a

significant amount of time tuning vehicle suspension systems to ensure resonant frequencies are mitigated and tyre to road contact is maximised in all conditions, altering the unsprung mass of components has potential

to compromise this.   The SuperPro Lift Correction Arm retains the OE design intent by providing an equally weighted arm. Solid section radius arms may well be rugged for the extremist 4x4 user, but the extra weight

does cause concerns and adds stress to other suspension components. This can be an issue on heavily corrugated roads where the extra unsprung mass generates more energy that has to be absorbed by the shock

absorbers, add to this, a set of bigger, heavier wheels and tyres and this issue is further exacerbated. With advances in materials and engineering designs, a smarter hollow section option exists today over the “old

school” solid design.



Now there is no reason to compromise on road handling for off road performance and durability.


TRC1015 - Now available: to suit Nissan Patrol GU 1997 to 2010


Tuesday, 02 June 2015 03:40

Advanced Polymer Technology - Polyelast

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SP Logo 2011 Version


...now incorporates one of the world's newest and smartest technologies into its products...


Polyelast logo sml


A ground breaking material incorporating an advanced Elastomer Formulation, that provides high temperature resistance with memory properties that are far superior to other natural materials that are used in OEM manufacture.

PolyelastTM has excellent elongation properties which is an advantage in bushings and mounts where high articulations are required.

PolyelastTM has been developed in conjunction with a world class company who are leaders in advanced automotive suspension components and materials.

PolyelastTM is the smartest material to be produced in the last decade!


Polyelast Hybrid (Patent Pending)

diagram poly

PolyelastTM Hybrid can be used in all after-market and OE suspension applications i.e. standard or performance cars, customised cars, high end sports cars, 4WD’s and trucks.

Working in parallel, PolyelastTM provides the primary noise and vibration isolation, while the progressive SuperPro Polyurethane limiter protects the Polyelast and provides renowned SuperPro handling, performance and durability.

Testing has proven PolyelastTM Hybrid to be one of the worlds most durable suspension components, with the added advantage of noise and vibration control.

This is the first time an Elastomer and Polyurethane have been used in combination successfully to provide all the desired outcomes.

Polyelast logo HYBRID


PolyelastTM adds a new dimension to PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY.

poly part

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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 03:30

Spares Box

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Spares Box was created with one single goal in mind and that was to make online shopping for automotive parts more convenient and easily accessible. With that in mind, Spares Box have created an easy to use one-stop webstore for anyone with any type car who might need spare parts delivered in a timely manner.

Spares Box is committed to bringing the best range of parts and accessories at competitive prices to all corners of Australia and right to your garage door.

Spares Box carry a range of trusted household and performance brands including Bosch, Meguiars, Narva, Monroe, King Springs, K&N, Kincrome and Top Gun just to name a few.

Spares Box also carry a range of spare parts and products including car care and cleaning, electrical, ignition, oils and lubricants, brakes, suspension, heating, cooling, engine, performance and so much more to ensure that your car stays on the road.

URL: sparesbox.com.au

Wednesday, 27 August 2014 00:00


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Thursday, 06 March 2014 05:04

Enquiry Form

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Enquiry Form


Wednesday, 04 December 2013 00:01

Thank you for your registration

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Thank you for your application

Thank you for your registration. Once we have approved your application we will notify you of your access details.

Friday, 01 November 2013 01:51

Dealer Resource Centre Registration

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Trade Resource Centre Registration

Register a contact or business for the SuperPro Dealer Resource Centre.


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Thursday, 01 August 2013 00:08

Range Rover Sport

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Range Rover Sport

SuperPro has released suspension bushings for both front and rear of this vehicle.
In the development of the bushes, critical design considerations have been taken into consideration to produce an upgrade improves the handling characteristics of these vehicles.

The end result of fitting a SuperPro upgrade is a vehicle that feels far more grounded, brakes and turns in far better than an OE vehicle, with no harshness or NVH.
A perfect upgrade to put the “Sport” into a Range Rover Sport!
SuperPro Parts Available Now

Control Arm Lower – Inner Front Bushing Kit   SPF3459K
Control Arm Lower – Inner Rear Bushing Kit   SPF3456K
Control Arm Upper – Inner Bushing Kit   SPF3486K
Sway Bar to Chassis Mount 34mm   SPF3701-34K
Sway Bar to Chassis Mount 28mm   SPF3701-28K
Control Arm Lower Rear Bushing Kit   SPF3628K
Control Arm Lower – Front Bushing Kit   SPF3627K
Control Arm Upper – Front Bushing   SPF3630K
Sway Bar to Chassis Mount 22mm   SPF3631-22K
Sway Bar to Chassis Mount 34mm   SPF3631-34K

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013 23:40

Nissan Pathfinder R51 2005- 2012

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Nissan Pathfinder R51 2005- 2012

Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder R51 2005- 2012

SuperPro have released suspension bushings for both front and rear of this vehicle. The front suspension bushings have been designed as either standard replacement or with camber adjustment for alignment correction and extreme adjustment for lifted vehicles.

The same has been done for the rear suspension. As the rear is an independent design, any change to the ride height in the rear will interfere with the camber. SuperPro bushings with camber adjustment in both the upper and lower control arm position will ensure that, whatever the circumstance, a solution can be found!

Control Arm Upper Inner – Standard   SPF3022K
Control Upper Inner – Adjustable +/- 0.5 Degree Camber Change   SPF3022XK
Control Arm Lower Inner – Standard   SPF3023K
Control Arm Lower Inner – Fixed 0.5 Degree Camber Change   SPF3024K
Control Arm Lower Inner – Adjustable +/- 1 Degree Camber Change   SPF3024K
Control Arm Lower Inner – Standard   SPF3974K
Control Arm Lower Inner – Adjustable +/- 0.5 Degree Camber Change   SPF3975K
Control Arm Upper Inner – Standard   SPF3976K
Control Arm Upper Inner – Adjustable +/- 0.5 Degree Camber Change   SPF3977K

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